Bruno Pellegrini
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3 - course menu „i.grandi classici“
(minimum two persons)
p.P. 65,00 €

4 / 6 - course menu „la.sintesi“
(tablewise only)

p.P. 75,00 / 95,00 €

My Italian cuisine is based on the very best recipes that the traditional art of cooking has generated - combined with the best of modern cuisine.

For me, Italian cuisine, above all, means a lot of vegetables and the substitution of cream by olive oil.

My greatest pleasure is exploring and then creating new, innovative combinations of flavour & aroma and connecting them to traditional ones - right inside the Breva Room, the Tivano Room, my office and the kitchen - my small world in the Gardes-du-Corps Street.

Some might think there is nothing better and I have reached the limit already, but I prefer going further.
It is my credo to compose dishes that leave a lasting impression with you.

It would be my pleasure to explain the composition of the menu to you!



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